What’s Going On Here, Anyway?

Back in September, I got a Facebook ad for some company advertising “traveling for a year while working.” Cool, I said to myself, and moved on.

A week later, coming back to my life-long dream of traveling the world, and two glasses of wine in, I impulsively applied to Remote Year. (Pay a $50 application fee to a barely known company? Sure!)

Several weeks passed. I learned more about this organization, its founders, the itinerary, the details, etc.  And then, I found out I got in. My first reaction was something along the lines of “aisdjfjnsvjndasuhwiufisdnfjdnf.” Then I called my boyfriend and unsuccessfully tried to sell him on the idea that I didn’t even want to do this anyway. Work will never let me, I said. I can’t leave my friends and family! 

Of course, he quickly convinced me that I was acting crazy and talking myself out of my dream because I was afraid. (I know, he’s great.)
And so began my journey.

A couple of weeks of discussions at work and several months of logistics at home have turned into an amazing opportunity: spending the next year working for the ad tech company I’ve been with for the last 5+ years while traveling with seventy inspiring strangers and venturing to a different city every month. 

Now, two weeks and two days out from leaving for Cordoba, Argentina, slightly anxious and very excited, I begin to share this journey with all of you.

Hope you’re ready for a fun ride.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here, Anyway?

  1. My dear-dear Marishka, you’ve got all of my and Dad’s support! That’s of course in addition to Grandma’s, Natalie’s, all the boys’ (Leva and Vova included) support and admiration.
    Looking forward impatiently to reading all your posts! Wishing you all the joy and excitement you can get during the year of your long-dreamed travel! Love you very much! Mom.

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